The importance of a robust IT infrastructure

The computer has become an essential tool in any professional activity, whether in the private or public sector, and every types of business. In addition to managing the company’s business through professional software (ERPs, CRMs, etc.), computers enable rapid communication and exchange with employees and business partners alike. A company’s digital transformation is synonymous with […]

Alba upgrades its server infrastructure

We are proud to announce the implementation of our new server infrastructure at the end of 2021 and the opening of Alba Hosting in order to be able to offer ever more efficient services to our customers. This infrastructure is obviously hosted in Switzerland and is powered exclusively by green electricity in order to reduce […]

The most effective protection against Ransomware

and other computer threats Ransomware has become the most common threat to corporate IT systems. This malicious software enables a hacker to hold an IT infrastructure hostage and block a company’s production resources until a backup is restored, in the best case scenario. As this type of attack, by its very nature, is highly profitable […]

Analysis of COVID Certificate Apps

Introduction In the run-up to the emotional vote on November 28 concerning the COVID Act – and more specifically the COVID certificate – and some of the questions it raises, we decided to carry out an analysis of the Confederation’s COVID applications. Goal The purpose of this analysis is to determine whether the Confederation’s COVID […]