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We share our experience of engineers and multimedia specialists with passion and dynamism, so that you can improve your knowledge and your daily work. Our trainers are experienced speakers and enjoy sharing their knowledge in a motivating and professional environment.
Below you will find current courses, but we will be happy to customize existing courses or create a new computer course tailored to your needs. If necessary, contact us so that we can assess your needs and find the material that interests you.

Our computer courses are for everyone – from beginners to professionals who want to improve!


How to ensure the security of an e-banking connection?
What are the dangers of e-mail?
During the 2 hours of the computer security course, we review the main risks associated with the daily use of a computer. We also provide the participant with the essential keys to understand these risks and guard against them, using several simple tips to put into practice!
Protect your computer from viruses, improve the security of your browser and more!

This computer course is for all levels and can be adjusted upon request.

Topics covered during the course


You followed the first course “Computer security for dummies” but you would like to apply this knowledge daily? Learn how to use simple and effective tools to protect yourself from risks on the Internet. For this course you will need to bring a laptop for the practical part or we can lend you a computer if necessary.

Topics covered during the course

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